• Empowering Connection and Engagement
  • Why Jive Was Chosen

Tens of thousands of busy clinicians at the Veteran’s Health Administration are more engaged, informed and connected, thanks to a Jive-powered collaboration system known as VA Pulse.

The U.S. Veterans Health Administration is the biggest healthcare system in the United States, with 350,000 staff members in over 2,000 locations caring for more than 9 million veterans. Yet the VHA doesn’t feel quite so sprawling these days, now that its clinicians and administrators have one place to gather, learn, share ideas and work together to deliver better healthcare. A digital collaboration system, known as VA Pulse and powered by Jive, has brought the VHA together in a way never possible before. Easy to use and accessible everywhere via computers, phones and tablets, it’s a perfect fit for busy medical staff, providing instant access to information, colleagues and critical communications.