Jive Custom:
Enterprise Collaboration Software, Behind Your Firewall.

It’s the portal that really works and the enterprise social network for getting real work done. Available in custom on-premises and Jive-hosted deployments to meet your enterprise requirements.

Jive customers average a 15% increase in workforce productivity. You can, too.

Current Version: Summer Release

The Communication Portal

Jive is what portals were supposed to be but never were: one place to stay informed and find the people, information and expertise you need to do your job. Get the latest company news, find up-to-date content, connect with colleagues – in seconds, from your desk or on the go.

The Communication Hub
Reinventing the Employee Directory

No more wasted minutes paging through dumb directories and cold-calling coworkers. Jive quickly locates the people you need to know, factoring in skills and reputation to make the right connections. It’s like LinkedIn for the enterprise.

Reinventing the employee directory
Find What You Need

Jive makes enterprise search as easy as Google. It’s not only fast – it’s smart, finding the most relevant, useful content and personalizing results based on your job and interests.   


Jive Enterprise Search - Find what you need
Communicate with Impact

Forget “spray and pray” emails. Jive tells you immediately if your communications are getting through. You can see at a glance how many people have read your executive blog post, who viewed that all-hands announcement, and the key referrers who helped spread the word.

Communicate with Impact
Measure Alignment

Jive doesn’t just tell you if your communications are reaching their target audience – it tells you if they’re having the intended effect. Ready-made reports show you your impact on organizational alignment, right down to the department and team level.

Measure Alignment
A Portal for Every Department

From Marketing and Sales to HR and IT, every team can have its own home base with the latest departmental news, resources and content.

A portal for every department
The Standard-setting ESN

From smart activity streams to blogs, groups and discussions, Jive delivers all the capabilities you’d expect from the world’s top-rated social business platform. And some you might not expect. It adds up to the richest environment ever for sharing, connection, communication and collaboration.

The Standard-setting Enterprise Social Network - Jive Software
Talk -> Action

While most collaboration platforms are all about talk, Jive translates conversation into action with integrated task management. You can assign tasks inline in documents, groups and discussions, and easily manage your task list from your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Jive Software on a mobile device
Work With a Purpose

Have a project to do? Jive lets you instantly gather everything you need – including stakeholders, key assets and live information from external systems – in one collaborative workspace. Choose from place templates for just about any use case in sales, marketing, HR, R&D and more.

Work with a Purpose
Collaboration Without Borders

Business doesn’t stop at the firewall. Neither does Jive. It makes it simple to create secure collaboration areas where you can work directly with partners, contractors and agencies outside your Jive network. Just invite everyone in and get to work.

Seamless collaboration beyond the firewall with Jive
Part of Your IT Stack

Jive bridges the past, present and future of IT. It builds smoothly on your existing infrastructure, bringing leading-edge social collaboration and mobility to systems like SharePoint and CRMs. And it integrates tightly with new-generation cloud apps, like Box, Okta and Google Drive.

Part of your IT stack
Pre-Built Apps and Integrations

Powerful as Jive’s core capabilities are, they’re just the start. Users can choose from dozens of business apps that extend functionality and install with a click. And we’ve built seamless, best-of-both-worlds integrations with systems of record and essential tools like SharePoint, Office, Outlook, Salesforce, Marketo and Box.

Jive pre-built apps and integrations
Open Platform

Other vendors lock you in. Jive opens a world of possibilities. Our open APIs and support for industry standards (including OpenSocial, Open Graph, and SAML) make it easy to add  capabilities, integrate existing systems and develop awesome new apps that harness all the power of the Jive.

Jive Open Platform
Secure, Reliable, Available

Millions of users across the private and public sectors depend on Jive every day to protect their data and drive their businesses. That’s why we’ve taken a no-compromises approach to security, privacy and availability. Learn more.

Secure, reliable, available
Advanced Gamification

Jive’s Advanced Gamification Module expands on the platform’s built-in game mechanics to deliver a more personalized, highly targeted experience. Advanced gamification makes it easy to create custom missions, competitions, badges and rewards to maximize participation, engagement and productivity.

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Advanced Gamification App Screenshot
Jive Business Analytics

Jive Business Analytics measure the processes critical to organizational performance, showing you what’s working, what’s not and how you can do better. Ready-made web-based reports provide answers at a glance.

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Jive Business Analytics App Screenshot

StreamOnce automatically feeds information into Jive from a wide range of sources such as email (like Gmail and Exchange), activity streams (like Yammer and Chatter), social media (Facebook and Twitter) and content apps (like Dropbox and Evernote), consolidating all your streams in one place. You...

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Advanced Tasks By Producteev

Advanced Tasks by Producteev brings best-of-breed team task management (powered by our Producteev acquisition) direct to Jive. You can assign, track and oversee tasks everywhere you work – whether it’s a discussion, a group project, an activity stream, your profile – even your Outlook inbox.

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Advanced Tasks By Producteev App Screenshot
Externally Accessible Groups

Bring all stakeholders into the conversation. With Jive’s Externally Accessible Groups, you can collaborate not only with internal staff, but with external contributors, too. Extend your reach by including partners, outside agencies, contractors and others in your Jive community, with complete security and privacy.

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Externally Accessible Groups App Screenshot
Jive Present

Keep your mobile employees prepped and ready to sell 24×7. Jive Present turns tablets into high-impact field presentation tools, with the latest content and information fed directly from corporate. Everything’s available with the swipe of finger, whether users are online or offline.

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Jive Present App Screenshot
Jive Anywhere

Jive Anywhere is a revolutionary capability that brings social collaboration to every website and web-based application. Wherever you go on the web, Jive Anywhere gives you access to related content, conversations and connections from your Jive community. And it makes it easy to share web-based...

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Jive Anywhere App Screenshot

You’ve invested too much to let critical information lie buried in your document management system, out of sight and out of mind. Jive unlocks the documents and ideas stored in Microsoft SharePoint and makes them easy to find, share and work with. You get best...

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SharePoint App Screenshot

Put a stop to out-of-control review cycles and clashing document versions. Jive turns Microsoft Office into a social document collaboration platform, where you create, edit and share in real time. Keep everyone in sync and up-to-date, automatically, from Office.

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Office App Screenshot

Integrate Microsoft Outlook with your Jive community, providing the context and immediacy that email lacks. You view blog posts and social profiles, create threaded discussions and status updates, drive action and follow-through and more – all without leaving Outlook.

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Outlook App Screenshot
Jive for Outlook Web Access

Don’t let great ideas and conversations get trapped in your inbox. Jive for Outlook Web Access provides the social context and immediacy that email lacks. View blog posts and social profiles, create threaded discussions, upload file attachments and more –  all from Outlook Web Access.

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Jive for Outlook Web Access App Screenshot
Jive for Gmail

Don’t let great ideas and conversations get trapped in your inbox. Jive for Gmail integrates Gmail with your Jive community, providing the social context and connectivity that email lacks.

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Jive for Gmail App Screenshot

When legal, regulatory, or investigative situations require searching communications in Jive, eDiscovery delivers. eDiscovery allows administrators to search Jive for content related to specific users, and export the results for use in third-party eDiscovery management tools.

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eDiscovery App Screenshot

Lync brings real-time Lync communications to your Jive platform. You can see who’s online, what they’re working on and whether they’re available, and initiate Lync communication with a click. All from Jive.

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Lync App Screenshot

Jive’s video module gives you everything you need to create, collaborate on and share high-quality videos in your Jive community. Whether it’s execs posting video blogs, HR distributing training videos, or subject matter experts sharing video tutorials, Jive makes it point-and-click simple.

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Video App Screenshot

Tap your organization’s collective brainpower, and crowdsource innovation. With Ideation you can capture the best ideas from across the company.

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Ideation App Screenshot
Records Retention

Records Retention tracks the creation or updating of user-generated content within Jive and delivers it to an external archival system.

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Records Retention App Screenshot
Visible by Jive

Your prospects, customers and competitors are saying things you need to hear. Visible by Jive social media monitoring makes it easy to listen to conversations on the social web, spot trends, share insights and engage in dialogue.

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Visible by Jive App Screenshot

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