More Ways to Work Better Together

The Jive and JiveX Summer Cloud Releases are here, packed with features that push productivity and engagement higher than ever. And if you’re looking for an end-to-end communication and collaboration solution, we’ve got one, brought to you by Cisco and Jive.


A View of Your Own

Need an easy way to get to your favorite content, people and places? Create your own personalized Jive dashboard with Your View. Drag, drop and voilà: everything you need to do your job is just a click away.


Customizable Place Pages

Now you can create custom tabbed pages for Jive groups, organizing information in a way that works best for your team. Just choose from an array of pre-built tiles and arrange them to display key content, people, places, activities, project status and more. Add a cool banner as a finishing touch.


One Doc, Many Audiences

We’ve made it easier than ever to share documents with all the people who need to see them. Now you can create one master version of a Jive doc and publish it to as many groups as you like. Everyone can view and comment without needing to maintain multiple copies.

Full Fidelity on Any Device

Now everyone can have the same great JiveX experience, scaled perfectly for whatever device they use. Your brand, your content, your navigation and your pages – as they were always meant to be seen.


Know Your Inluencers

We’ve enhanced our Resonata analytics module to provide critical new insights on the movers and shakers in your JiveX community. View ready-made reports to quickly identify your top influencers, drill down on their behaviors and traits and see top threads by influence.


Enhanced CRM Integration

Turn a customer question in your community into a support case, then push the answer back to the community and add it your to knowledge base – all with a few clicks. It’s that simple.


Jive Collaboration + Cisco Communications: Better Together

Jive is the world’s premier enterprise collaboration platform. Cisco is the leader in real-time communication. Now we’re teaming up to bring you the best of both–in one complete end-to-end solution.

Your Colleagues, Content and Conversations. In One Place.

Find experts and information, work on projects together and get work done in Jive. And when you want to connect in real time, just click to fire up a WebEx meeting, start a chat or make a voice call. You can do it all without leaving Jive, and without the hassle of multiple disconnected apps.

Click to Meet

Collaborate with teammates in a Jive group and instantly invite them to a WebEx meeting. When you’re done, you can save your meeting notes in the group, where everyone can see and share them.

Click to Chat

Have an urgent question or burning issue to discuss? You can see at a glance who’s online, then click to have a Jabber IM, video or voice chat.

Click to Call

Quickly locate a colleague in Jive and then phone them with the press of a button. If they don’t answer, leave a voicemail. Your message is automatically transcribed and sent to their Jive inbox and activity stream.


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