Government Collaboration.
For the People, By the People.

Too much government is built on technology and processes that aren’t intuitive. Critical data is trapped in siloed systems, people’s minds and dusty archives.

You need instant access to the expertise, people, activities and content that matter. You need to engage constituents in online communities to better shape policies.

Jive customers average a 15% increase in workforce productivity. You can, too.

Reduce Duplicated Effort

Lower the cost of governing. Jive increases the visibility of people, content and activities. And it closes the loop on critical communications and collaborations, eliminating costly redundant efforts.

Find Subject Matter Experts

Jive quickly links you to experts across your organization – and beyond – to tackle critical issues and solve problems fast. And it finds relevant content and information you need to do your job.

Capture Intellectual Property

Don’t let retiring employees create knowledge gaps. Jive builds a living repository of intellectual capital that becomes more powerful with every contribution.

Multi-agency Collaboration

Working in a silo inevitably leads to a cluster. Jive streamlines cross-agency interactions and dramatically improves coordination to maximize efficiency and assets.

Citizen Participation

Create open communities that foster effective citizen participation and real-time feedback. It’s a tectonic shift in how you engage constituents.


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