The Intranet is Dead. Long Live the Social Intranet and Portal.

Turn your intranet portal into a hub of enterprise collaboration and communication. JIve enables new efficiencies and cohesion across your organization, keeps employees engaged and informed, and drives innovation and business success.

Jive customers average a 15% increase in workforce productivity. You can, too.

Social Intranet Portal

Jive is what intranet portals were supposed to be but never were: one place for employees to stay informed and find the people, content and expertise they need to do their jobs. It’s the world’s best company directory, enterprise search engine, corporate communications center and navigational hub rolled into one.

The Communication Hub
Enterprise Social Network

Go beyond dusty repositories, clunky wikis, email and piecemeal collaboration tools. Jive provides a central hub for networking, sharing and productivity. And with Jive’s next-gen mobile capabilities, users have access to all their colleagues, conversations and content – along with systems of record – at their fingertips, 24/7.

The Standard-setting Enterprise Social Network - Jive Software
Pervasive Collaboration

Jive surfaces information from SharePoint, CRMs and other siloed enterprise systems and makes it accessible to everyone. And it connects with essential applications like Outlook, Office, Box, Evernote, email and any web-based app, providing synchronized sharing and collaboration across all platforms.


Jive in Microsoft Office

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