A Breakthrough for Sales Enablement

Jive for Sales goes beyond CRM, CMS and other systems of record and gets to the heart of sales effectiveness. It lets you ramp reps quicker, arm them with more effective tools, and better manage their opportunities and deals. So your team can sell more, faster than ever before.

Jive customers average a 15% increase in workforce productivity. You can, too.


Onboard new hires in record time while slashing training costs. Jive puts essential training resources right at reps’ fingertips and makes it easy to learn from experienced colleagues.

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Keep reps prepped and ready to sell around the clock, everywhere. Jive eliminates the disconnects, aligns your team and provides instant access to the latest sales tools, experts and info – in the office or on the road.

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Deal Management

Organize, plan and execute your deals in one convenient location. Jive deal rooms bring together all the people, info and content you need to succeed. You can even pull in live opportunity data and Chatter streams from Salesforce.


Whether on smartphones or tablets, your team stays connected even on the move. It goes beyond reading and syncing. With our fast, full-featured native mobile apps, road warriors can create and contribute, too

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Seamless, two-way integration with key apps and systems of record makes sure nothing falls through the cracks. Reps can work wherever they’re most comfortable – in your CRM, your CMS, Outlook or Office – while Jive keeps everyone connected and in sync.

Jive integrates with CRM's out of the box

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