The value of enterprise collaboration (EC) seems intuitive: of course it’s better to have customers, employees, and partners working together in a holistic way. Measuring collaboration, however, isn’t nearly as straightforward. Even when you can see the results of engagement in action, it can be challenging to benchmark and prove the impact of your enterprise collaboration initiative.

That’s where Forrester comes in. Watch the webinar below to hear guest speaker, VP and principal analyst Art Schoeller reveal the findings of his February 2018 report, Create a Benchmark Strategy For Your Enterprise Collaboration Technology. Art will explain why organizations often struggle with the benchmarking effort and outline the critical elements of a benchmarking strategy that you can use to improve your understanding of collaboration in the enterprise.

Topics covered include:

  • Why measuring adoption isn’t enough. In the report, Art writes that “When it comes to measuring the success of your enterprise collaboration strategy, too many companies go on further than measuring application
    adoption. As organizations implement EC tools, they must gather deeper insight into the use of the tools and how they can help drive business results.”
  • How to set up a governance framework. The Forrester report states that “Putting an EC strategy in place requires more than just deploying technology tools: it requires governance.” Art will cover three ways to establish governance in order to focus your benchmarking efforts.
  • 3 ways to better understand your current state. The first step to a successful benchmark program is to clearly understand where you are today. You’ll hear Forrester’s four elements of a strategy for assessing collaboration tool utilization and user satisfaction to create the foundation of your benchmark program.
  • Tips for building your collaboration roadmap. Discover the best way to balance adopting the latest market innovations and maintaining order in your customer experience ecosystem.
  • How to measure the business impact of enterprise collaboration. Perhaps most importantly, Art will answer the C-suite’s favorite question: how does enterprise collaboration add measurable business results? His strategies will help you measure objectives like increased productivity, revenue gains, reduced employee attrition, better customer satisfaction, and more.

Watch the webinar below to hear all of Art’s insights firsthand. Registrants will also receive a complimentary copy of the Forrester report, Create a Benchmark Strategy For Your Enterprise Collaboration Technology, to ensure you gain the tools and techniques you need to successfully measure enterprise collaboration at your organization.

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