Cleveland Clinic Connects Caregivers Through Digital Collaboration and Learning

Cleveland Clinic is one of the largest and most respected healthcare systems in the country, with over 65,000 caregivers serving the needs of patients across more than 200 locations. A few years ago, the organization’s Global Leadership and Learning Institute wanted to create a more collaborative, empowering learning experience that would extend beyond its training classes and other efforts.

Previously, the institute relied on a combination of learning management systems, Microsoft SharePoint and an antiquated intranet. To fulfill the vision of a culture in which caregivers and teams learn faster, work smarter and innovate bigger, they decided to add true collaboration capabilities into their learning model. The clinic’s new Jive-powered “Connect Today” community does this in three main ways, by providing:

  1. Easy-to-use, on-demand training and instructional resources that enable employees to learn any time and any place in a way that fits their busy schedules;
  2. Access to experts and answers from across geographically dispersed locations; and
  3. Digital collaboration, which brings people together in online communities of practice where they can share knowledge, and mentor and educate each other.

Nurses, physicians, administrators, hospital technicians and more now use Connect Today to interact, contribute, share and exchange ideas right in the flow of their daily work. Thanks to Jive’s social capabilities, Connect Today fosters curiosity, ownership, openness and collaboration. So far, Cleveland Clinic has established 50 groups and communities of practice in Jive, where teams across the organization come together to improve patient outcomes. For example, the clinic’s home care shared governance team, soon-to-open London facility and Neurological Institute each use Jive to onboard new employees, communicate quality goals, drive innovation, nurture leadership and coaching skills, and stay connected to the organization’s headquarters in Ohio.

For more on how Cleveland Clinic is improving value-based care by harnessing people’s expertise, hear what Irshad Rizvi, director of learning and collaboration technology, and Emily Grimes, online collaboration strategist, have to say in their own words:

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