Clickstop is an innovative, rapidly growing e-commerce and manufacturing company that’s won several awards for its fun, adventurous and open workplace culture. The company has been featured on Inc. Magazine’s 5000 Fastest Growing Companies for five years running, and turned to Jive because it needed help with maintaining this vibrant culture as it expanded.

Creating a great work environment is the cornerstone of our business strategy, and we are 100 percent committed to maintaining Clickstop’s distinctive culture as we grow. Jive is a perfect way to celebrate this culture and exemplify core company values like open communication—something that’s vital to our success as we make the transition into a larger organization. As a market leader, Jive brings the benefits of constant innovation and employee engagement best practices, while giving us the flexibility to make the intranet our own with minimal IT support.

Monica Steffeck, co-vice president of culture and communications at Clickstop, on how Jive will drive alignment across the organization

“Edison”—Clickstop’s new Jive-powered interactive intranet—provides a modern digital workplace where the company’s executives, office personnel, and warehouse and manufacturing staff can all connect, communicate and collaborate every day. This approach not only mirrors the company’s great culture, it empowers everyone to live that culture in a virtual space with dynamic, two-way executive communications, a searchable ‘corporate memory,’ easy team collaboration and more.

Clickstop's new interactive intranet, Edison

Clickstop is one of many companies that use Jive to support critical human resources and corporate communications goals, such as establishing a unified company culture, increasing employee engagement, and driving strategic alignment. Businesses such as ADP, Cerner, Devoteam, GoDaddy, Grant Thornton, Pearson, Plex Systems, Ricoh, Spectrum Health and Thomson Reuters have deployed Jive’s Interactive Intranet solution to enhance communications and collaboration between executives, departments and geographical locations.

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