Develop Peer Recognition Programs That Align with Your Corporate Values and Mission

At Jive, we use our Interactive Intranet, Brewspace, every day to get our work done. With so many Jivers working together throughout the world on different projects, we have many shining stars, or shining Jivers, that stand out as leaders in what they do and what they are producing. People that go above and beyond to complete their work with noteworthy execution deserve to be commended, not only by their managers, but by their fellow peers as well.

Peer recognition is a great tool for promoting team collaboration and motivating people to perform to the best of their abilities, allowing for transparency in the workplace and giving credit where credit is due. Being able to thank your fellow employees and celebrate their accomplishments with a rewards system leads to immediate gratification that employees can strive to receive, boosting employee engagement and communication within your interactive intranet.

Here at Jive, our Peer Recognition Program is a simple process that strengthens the bonds between Jivers and drives them to work better together. As part of our latest cloud release launch, Jive announced enhanced individual recognition badges that enable people to give and receive awards in context of the particular engagement and content at hand—building influence, increasing engagement and driving peer-to-peer recognition. The process is super easy! You select the badge type you would like to reward your fellow employee, craft a short message that highlights their hard work or achievement and, if you’d like, share some of your own well-earned points with them. The recognition badge then appears for all to see on the particular engagement, the badge activity page, as well in others’ inboxes.

Watch the video below to see how you can implement a healthy new rewards program and improve peer recognition within your interactive intranet in three easy steps.

Learn How to Promote a Peer Recognition Program Within Your Workplace

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