Multinational Retailer Adeo Unites Global Workforce With Jive

Adeo is a federation of 30 retail companies in 13 countries specializing in DIY home improvement. Its 30,000 employees are spread across hundreds of store and office locations in Europe, Latin America and Asia. Many globally dispersed companies struggle with organizational fragmentation and employee disengagement, but with Jive, Adeo is fostering team spirit, engagement and global alignment.

The company’s Jive Interactive Intranet—called “Younity”—is a hub for connection, communication and community. It’s the place where people come together to learn, share collective knowledge and function as one team. It’s where the company keeps employees (even those without a desk or corporate email address) informed and aligned, and where stores, headquarters and executives go to collaborate and communicate.

Jive sat down with Adeo’s HR transformation projects director, Carlos Erazo Molina, to find out how Younity has helped the company build a common culture and highly engaged workforce that’s delivering better service to customers.

Adeo's Jive Interactive Intranet – called “Younity” – is a hub for connection, communication and community

Jive is the platform where, in our company, people can feel we are us, and not only myself. It’s the place where we foster collective intelligence, where we can really make sure that when people have something to say, something to give, they can do it.

Carlos Erazo Molina, HR transformation projects director at Adeo, on how Jive supports the company’s culture

Carlos shared that Adeo had several different intranets before Jive, without one single place where all employees could connect, find colleagues and work with each other. Now, he says that Adeo’s employees use Jive in many different ways. For example, they have communities of learning and department communities to exchange information and knowledge, and retail teams use Jive as the main way to communicate and collaborate between stores and the headquarters.

As a result, the company has improved work efficiency. Carlos mentions that one store’s customer care team used its community to improve their practices and jumped 93 places in Adeo’s internal list of top client services.

Jive Intranet Drives Employee Engagement & Alignment in Retail

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