Truth Initiative Helps Thousands of Smokers Become Ex-Smokers with Jive

Truth Initiative represents a prime example of the amazing power of human connections. The non-profit’s smoking-cessation community is using collaboration technology to bring together people from all walks of life, and give them easy ways to cheer each other on during their journeys towards tobacco-free lives.

Earlier this year, the organization adopted Jive to deepen its impact with current and former smokers by offering enriched tools for digital peer-to-peer support. With its new-and-improved “BecomeAnEX” community, Truth Initiative has increased member engagement by 20 percent and accelerated its mission to help more people quit smoking.

Peer support is often the most critical element of a smoker’s quit process, and the award-winning EX Community helps members better express themselves, connect with others, share information and find content that matters most. It offers smokers empathy and practical advice, a safe place to chronicle their successes, struggles and fears, and candid accounts of other smokers’ quit journeys — including tailored sub-forums for single parents, smokers married to smokers, smokers with chronic conditions, etc.


Truth Initiative's BecomeAnEX community helps thousands of smokers become ex-smokers.

Our research shows that online interventions where smokers connect with experts and peers are as effective as face-to-face interventions, but at far lower costs. As we established our vision and multi-year roadmap for commercializing the proven BecomeAnEX program, we knew it was time to upgrade to a solution that could help us significantly grow user engagement, support platform extensions for future revenue opportunities, and deliver critical analytics on the role our online community plays in smoking cessation.

Dr. Amanda Graham, senior vice president of innovations at Truth Initiative & head of the EX Program

The revamped community has welcomed nearly 8,500 new members in the past four months, and those users have been 32% more likely to contribute on their first day (greatly increasing their likelihood of long-term engagement).

We’re very proud to add Truth Initiative to the long list of nonprofit organizations, charities and foundations around the world that rely on the Jive platform—including the Annie E. Casey Foundation, Easter Seals, Inc., Lutheran Immigration & Refugee Service and PACT. Our collaboration technologies play a key role in helping these organizations connect geographically dispersed members, gather and disseminate cause-related information, mobilize mission-critical resources and drive deeper engagement and dialogue with donors, volunteers and consumers.

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