Besser arbeiten. Gemeinsam.

Wenn Menschen bei der gemeinsamen Arbeit ihr volles Potenzial ausschöpfen geschehen faszinierende Dinge.

Jive ist der führende Anbieter moderner Unternehmenslösungen für Kommunikation und Zusammenarbeit.

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Auf der ganzen Welt und in jeder Branche treiben Unternehmen mit den Produkten von Jive erfolgreich ihr Geschäft voran.

Jive-n has become the communication and collaboration hub more than 60,000 employees in 110 countries, enabling Thomson Reuters to function as one connected enterprise.

Jive-n made a huge impact on the way we work together… It's our central platform for everybody to communicate and collaborate.

Tim Wike, Director of Intranet Strategy and Operations
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EMC’s Jive-x customer community network has become a key ingredient of marketing success, pushing customer engagement to an all-time high.

"Jive products are really empowering us to do fundamentally new things and unlock latent business value."

Jonathan Martin, Senior Vice President, Corporate Marketing
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Jive-n has driven digital transformation and workforce productivity at FICO, providing a central hub of collaboration across multiple systems, devices and tools.

"With Jive you get the best of both worlds: the industry-leading collaboration platform, plus the ability to integrate all the other tools, products and services that you need. It's a single platform through which I can deliver a ubiquitous experience to make our employees more productive."

Tony McGivern, CIO
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T-Mobile's Jive-x community is a centerpiece of the company's customer-centric strategy, pushing satisfaction to new heights while fueling huge efficiency gains.

"Jive is mission-critical for us. It's the foundation of everything we do."

Krissy Espindola, Director of Knowledge Management and Social Customer Support
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Jive-n powers Pearson’s social intranet, replacing 130 disparate systems and delivering huge improvements in collaboration, communication, onboarding and alignment.

"Jive-n has created an amazingly cohesive culture at Pearson. People can't imagine not having it."

Karen Gettman, VP and Director, Community and Collaboration
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Erfahren Sie, wie Unternehmen mit Jive Erfolg haben

Durchstöbern Sie unsere Bibliothek voller Erfahrungsberichte, Fallstudien und Empfehlungsvideos und sehen Sie, wie Unternehmen wie das Ihre Jive-Produkte nutzen, um täglich besser zusammenzuarbeiten.

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