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How do you pick the best collaboration platform for your organization? Here are six key capabilities to look for.
6 Essential Features Of An Enterprise Collaboration Platform
Digital transformation is great in theory, but does your organization have all the pieces you need to succeed? Read Gartner’s « Digital Business Transformation: A Healthcare Provider’s Perspective » and find out.
Gartner: Digital Transformation in Healthcare
Analyst Report
Why do so many companies replace or enhance their SharePoint intranets and collaboration systems with Jive? Find out in this in in-depth comparison.
Jive and SharePoint Compared: People-Centric vs. Content-Centric Platforms
Enterprise Collaboration Platform or Enterprise Social Network: which one is right for your business? Find out in this in-depth comparison.
Jive and Yammer Compared: Enterprise Collaboration vs. Enterprise Social Networking
How top healthcare organizations are using Jive to transform internal communications, collaboration, nurse onboarding, strategic alignment and more.
8 ways Healthcare Organizations Achieve Breakthrough Results with Jive
With massive changes sweeping the healthcare industry, effective internal communication is more critical than ever. Learn how to align and engage your organization.
Better Internal Communications for Better Healthcare
The collaboration marketplace is confusing, but Gartner’s ACME decision model can help you make the right choice. Read Gartner’s report and more in this Jive newsletter.
Choosing Collaboration Technology With Gartner’s ACME Framework
Analyst Report
The way people work is changing fast, and that means collaboration technology has to change too.
Enterprise Collaboration Today And Tomorrow
It’s not easy to engage a workforce that’s more diverse, more dispersed, and more distracted then ever. But it can be done – with an employee experience hub that drives…
From Fragmentation to Connection: How HR Can Engage A Dispersed, Diverse Workforce
Digital transformation can be painful and disruptive. But it doesn’t have to be. Learn how to create a high-performance digital workplace that simplifies life for users and IT.
End Fragmentation With An Integrated Digital Workplace: How IT Can Unite People, Information and Systems
In a time of information overload and geographic dispersion, how can corporate communications cut through the noise and get everyone’s attention?
From Fragmentation to Alignment: High-Impact Corp Comms in the Age of the Distributed Workforce
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