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Employee Engagement Bundle for Corporate Communications

Employee Engagement Software for Corporate Communications

Our recommended bundle combines the essential capabilities, add-ons and services that hundreds of our customers have used to foster highly aligned workforces and vibrant, high-performance cultures. This bundle is a great place to start, and you can add more capabilities to suit the special requirements of your business.

Recommended Bundle Details

Start with our complete Premier Plan, including:

  • Media-rich news page and blogging
  • Easy-to-configure targeted news streams
  • Easy up-and-on company portals

Plus these advanced add-ons:

  • Advanced engagement analytics dashboard

And these professional services to ensure your success:

  • Tailored configurations matched to your needs
  • Implementation for a great launch experience

Looking for an onboarding, employee development and talent retention solution?

See our Employee Enagagement Bundle for Human Resources

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61% of employees feel more connected

Jive customers report big leaps in employee connectedness and cohesion.

Proven Impacts
  • 97% of FICO’s employees were using their Jive Interactive Intranet after only 4 months
  • 72% of Ricoh’s workforce feels more effective
  • 60,000 global employees at Thomson Reuters stay in sync using Jive
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