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Jive's products and solutions help your employees, customers and partners work better together.
Around the world, forward-looking companies are using Jive to be more productive, innovative and competitive.

Our Products

Imagine your employees informed and aligned. Your customers and partners engaged. Everyone working together in ways that deliver the most value for your business – regardless of where they are, what device they’re on, or how they prefer to work.

  • Jive-n

    Keep everyone in your company in sync, on message and on task across all locations, devices and applications. Jive-n is a single hub for modern communication and social collaboration that keeps your workforce informed, productive and tightly aligned with your strategy.

  • Jive-x

    Launch great online communities that people love. Easily, quickly and cost-effectively. Top companies worldwide are using Jive-x to better engage and serve millions of customers and partners – with breathtaking results.

  • Jive Daily

    Deliver important company news, information and updates that employees will actually read and engage with. Jive Daily is a go-anywhere app that's easy to use and that lets you bring targeted, relevant communications to every level of your organization. And to make sure your messages are getting through, detailed metrics are in place to measure your overall impact, every time.

  • Jive Chime

    Jive Chime is a messaging app that lets you quickly and securely connect with teammates on the go, to get the answers you need, when you need them.

  • Jive Circle

    A secure mobile employee directory app that helps you find the right people in your company, when you need them most, from wherever you are. Search, filter, locate and contact your team across town or around the world, with access easily controlled from a secure management console.

  1. Jive-n
  2. Jive-x
  3. Jive Daily
  4. Jive Chime
  5. Jive Circle

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Our Solutions

Out-of-the-box, cloud-ready solutions that solve your biggest challenges, with game-changing results.

  • Jive-n for Social Intranets provides a cohesive, high-performance communication and collaboration network across systems, apps and devices. It lets people work together seamlessly, wherever they happen to be and whatever tools they use.

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  • It's what portals and conventional intranets were supposed to be but never were: one place for employees to stay informed and engaged with their company and their teams.

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  • Simplify support and cut costs by providing employees with easy-to-use self-help and peer-based assistance. Users can quickly get the answers they need, while freeing your support staff to focus on high-priority issues.

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  • Take customer support to new heights with an out-of-the-box community solution that’s remarkably easy and cost-effective to set up, deploy and maintain. Jive-x for Customer Support deflects support calls and slashes costs, while delighting customers with fast answers and great experiences.

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  • Drive mindshare, loyalty and sales with great online communities that turn prospects into customers and customers into advocates.

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  • Turn your legacy partner portal into a thriving community that drives mindshare and revenue while cutting onboarding time and support costs. Whether you’re selling, distributing or innovating, Jive-x communities provide all-in-one hubs for partner support, content, conversations and your entire ecosystem.

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  1. Jive-n for Social Intranets
  2. Jive-n for Employee Engagement
  3. Jive-n for Employee Support
  4. Jive-x for Customer Support
  5. Jive-x for Marketing Engagement
  6. Jive-x for Partner Enablement

Our Platform

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