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Jive-n is the digital workplace that unites people, conversations and content across your business, helping your employees work much better together. With Jive-n, everybody can connect, communicate and collaborate in one place to stay informed, aligned and productive. Jive-n integrates with your essential apps and systems, and runs on desktops, smartphones and tablets, enabling people to work however and wherever they work best.

    Accelerate your Business with a Connected Enterprise

    Enhance or replace your intranet with a collaboration and communication hub – and turn your company into a connected enterprise. With Jive-n, everyone in your organization is better aligned and able to engage with each other regardless of the underlying tools and systems they use.

    • 15% Increase in Productivity
      15% increase in employee productivity*

      Jive customers report better collaboration among functional groups.

    • 38% increase in employee satisfaction*

      Jive customers report greater job satisfaction as a result of being more engaged across the organization.

    • $3.6M saved in employee support costs*

      Jive customers save millions in employee support costs by leveraging their employee networks.

    *Verified results from Jive customers
    • Social Intranet

      Minimize business disruption as you move to the cloud – and delight your workforce while you're at it. Replace or augment your intranet with a communication and collaboration hub that keeps employees connected to the people and information they need, across all applications, environments and devices.

    • Employee Engagement

      Inspire your workforce with a modern communication application that reaches people when, where and how they want. Go beyond one-way communications with real listening and conversation that ensures strategic alignment. Engage employees in company news while building a sense of community.

    • Employee Support

      Simplify support and cut costs by providing employees with easy-to-use self-help and peer-based assistance on par with best-in-class online customer service. Users can quickly get the answers and find the information they need without having to call your help desk, saving precious staff time for the toughest cases and high-priority strategic initiatives.


    Connect employees to colleagues, experts and information across your organization

    People Profiles

    People profiles appear everywhere a person is mentioned, putting a face to a name and personalizing the Jive-n experience. Profiles go way beyond the usual contact and background information. They include skills, recognition, activity and endorsements that call out peoples' strengths. A rich image library brings each employee to life, and a dynamic org chart shows the connections you share. Jive-n's profiles can be easily integrated with external people management systems.

    Social Search

    Social search makes it simple to find what you need, when you need it. Content is prioritized and recommended based on what's important to you, your team and the projects you're working on. Promoted content, which administrators can associate with specific phrases, appear above all other results, ensuring the most important information is front and center. Jive-n supports the OpenSearch API, too, so integrating with other repositories is a snap.

    Jive Mobile Apps

    Jive mobile apps for iOS and Android keep your workforce connected, engaged and productive wherever they go and whatever device they're using. They can create content, take part in discussions, view videos, see the latest company news and updates, all with a fantastic mobile experience. The Jive Mobile SDK allows for easy, seamless integration into existing corporate apps.


    Communicate with a consumer-like experience to better align and engage your workforce


    Blogs give people a voice to share important information and their best ideas with the company or within specific groups. Rich media capabilities include embedded video, graphics and images to make each post stand out and make a big impact.

    News Streams

    News streams intelligently deliver the communications employees need to stay aligned, informed and engaged. You can auto-subscribe employees to vital company news that's accessible anywhere, on the desktop or on the go. You can target content streams based on a variety of attributes, including LDAP and Active Directory fields, Jive-n profile fields and more.


    Spaces serve as portals for teams and functions where you can present key information to the rest of the organization. Spaces include configurable themes, page layouts, permissions and more.

    Activity Streams

    Activity streams show what's happening across the organization and within specific spaces, groups and projects. People can create custom activity streams so they get just the information they need to know in ways that make sense to them.


    Collaborate seamlessly across the business applications and devices that people use most


    Groups bring together all the people, content and information needed to collaborate around a shared goal or interest, whether it's a project, a team or community of practice. Groups are easy to create using purpose-built templates for a wide variety of use cases. Groups can be integrated with third-party systems to streamline collaboration around specific work processes.


    Discussions provide a fast way to ask and answer questions, consult experts and make decisions together without the hassle of meetings, disjointed email strings and conference calls.


    People can create and collaborate on documents – wherever they're stored – from within Jive-n. Co-author rich wiki-style documents, complete with videos, images, tables and more. And use Jive-n's connectors for Google or Microsoft to easily work on documents, spreadsheets and presentations wherever they live. People can co-author and discuss these files in their native applications and also in Jive-n. Files can be saved in Jive-n or in your storage provider of choice.

    Structured Outcomes

    Structured outcomes help people understand the status of a discussion, document or comment. You can mark items as official, correct and helpful, or as a decision or for action. This lets others more easily find which document is official, which comment became the decision, or who has action items. With Jive-n's connectors for Google and Microsoft, people can mark these outcomes within email and files.

    Other Features


    Integration with the systems and tools people use enables seamless collaboration within Jive-n, while also bringing the Jive-n experience wherever work gets done. Integrations are available via configuration as well as through Jive-n's robust API framework.

    Configurable integrations are available for both on-premise and cloud applications including Microsoft Outlook, Office, and SharePoint 2010/2013; Microsoft O365 Mail, Office Online, and OneDrive for Business; Google Mail, Docs, and Drive; Cisco Webex and Jabber; Salesforce Chatter and CRM; Box; Dropbox; Okta, and many more. Learn More

    Impact Metrics

    Impact metrics make it easy to analyze who's interacting with your content, and how they feel about it. In blog posts, discussions and documents – even files stored in third-party providers – people can gain insight into the reach and sentiment of their content, and see who the top departments and referrers are. And you can export that data to the business intelligence reporting tool of your choice.

    News Stream Analytics

    News stream analytics take impact metrics to a new level. They provide insights into the reach of news channels that deliver content to specific groups of people. News authors can learn how many of their intended recipients got the message, and what they think.

    Community Manager Reports

    Community manager reports include profile completion, user, content, group and space leaderboards and participation trends. For areas that include Q&A forums, reports show the number of questions, responses and helpful and correct answers; the average time to a question's first response and answer; and the number of times answered questions have been viewed.


    Themes are configurable for the entire site, as well as for specific groups and spaces. Administrators can use the Customize Your Site theming interface to configure your Jive-n environment with your organization’s unique colors and logo, or use a predefined theme included with Jive-n. You can also export and import pixel-perfect customized themes to satisfy specific branding requirements.

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    It's simple. Just sign up and invite your teammates. We'll create a Jive-n network for your team and you can get to work immediately. You can use it free of charge for 30 days without any obligation to continue.

    Who can I invite?

    Anybody in your company, and anybody outside your company who's been approved by your team.

    Is this a trial version?

    No. For all its simplicity and streamlined user experience, this is the most powerful communication and collaboration system on the planet. You'll get full access to the same features used in some of the largest and most successful social business deployments in the world. That even includes connectors to Microsoft Outlook and Office, and the ability to use Jive-n on smartphones and tablets.

    What happens when my 30 days are over?

    If you like Jive-n and want to keep using it, you'll have the option to buy. If you don't want to buy it, you don't need to do anything. Your trial will end and you won't be charged. It's as simple as that.

    Is my data safe? What happens after the trial?

    Jive products are used by some of the most secure organizations on earth, from the U.S. Department of Defense to security companies like McAfee. So, the short answer is yes, your data is safe and secure. We protect your information and don't share it or sell it. And you own your data—it's yours to keep.

    Will help be available during the trial if I need it?

    Absolutely! You'll have your own Jive Success Coach—a member of our staff assigned to help you and your team get the most out of Jive-n. And in the product itself, you'll have access to live chat support and some cool guided tours that highlight great ways to get work done using Jive-n.

    What happens if I choose to buy Jive?

    Just let us know which of the two package options you want and we'll take it from there. It's a seamless transition, so you and your team can keep working without missing a beat.