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Our Collaboration Products

Enterprise Intranet Software for Corporate Collaboration

Jive's products and solutions help your employees and partners work better together. Around the world, forward-looking companies are using Jive corporate collaboration software to be more productive, innovative and competitive.

Enterprise collaboration software that drives employee engagement and productivity

Learn more about Jive-n Interactive Intranet Software

Jive goes beyond traditional intranet platforms, connecting all your people, information and systems in a single collaboration hub and digital workplace. It’s enterprise collaboration software that really engages employees, with rich personalized experiences and a captivating interface that drives alignment and productivity to all-time highs.

  • Out-of-the box corporate intranet software, easy to set up and launch.
  • High-impact corporate communications: personalized news streams, executive blogs, videos and more.
  • Pre-built social software platform integrations for Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365, Google and many more.
  • Consumer-style mobile intranet apps keep workers connected on the go.

Extend Jive's Platform

Jive's enterprise collaboration software platform is just the start. Choose from a wide array of integrations and advanced features to enhance and extend functionality.

Software Integrations

Deep, bi-directional integrations with leading apps and systems let you work in your favorite tools while Jive-n keeps you and your team in sync.
The Salesforce Opportunities and Chatter Connector pulls Salesforce account data, opportunity information and Chatter conversations directly into Jive Deal Rooms, where all stakeholders – inside and outside your sales team – can can share information and work together to win deals.
Salesforce Opportunities and Chatter Connector
Simplify sales collaboration by bringing Salesforce data into Jive
Jive for O365 is an out-of-the-box integration that blends the best of Microsoft and Jive. You can author documents in O365 while collaborating around them in Jive, making things simpler than ever to find, share and work on together.
Microsoft Office 365 Integration
Unify the Office 365 user experience by providing a single place to collaborate on O365 documents no matter where they're stored.
This integration provides easy access to Google Docs from Jive-n. Once set up, users can create Google documents, spreadsheets and presentations from a Jive place, and store them in Google Drive.
Google Docs Integration
Jive's integration allows you to use Google Docs within Jive-n.
Open questions in the community can be escalated to tickets—either manually with a single click or automatically if a question isn’t answered within a specified time. All information is transferred to a Zendesk ticket so your support team has the full picture and can continue to work where they live: directly in Zendesk.
Zendesk Integration
With the Jive-x Zendesk Integration, questions looking for answers can both manually or automatically be escalated to Zendesk tickets.

Advanced Features

From gamification, to video, to eDiscovery, explore advanced features that extend the capabilities of the Jive Interactive Intranet.
Advanced gamification makes it easy to create custom missions, competitions, badges and redeemable rewards to drive user participation, engagement and helpful behaviors like peer-to-peer support and brand advocacy.
Jive’s Advanced Gamification Module expands on the platform's built-in game mechanics to deliver a more personalized, highly targeted experience.
Jive Encryption at Rest leverages NetApp's industry-leading storage encryption to provide a hardware-based security solution that's non-disruptive, comprehensive and easy to use.
Encryption at Rest
Jive's Encryption at Rest provides full disk encryption that protects data at rest with no operational impact.
When legal, regulatory, or investigative situations require searching communications in Jive, eDiscovery delivers. eDiscovery allows administrators to search Jive for content related to specific users, and export the results for use in third-party eDiscovery management tools.
E-Discovery Software Tools
Receive full documentation of what's happened in your Jive community.
Now you can collaborate seamlessly with your entire extended team, including those outside the firewall, right in Jive. Complete security and permissions controls let you specify who sees what, without exposing confidential information to people outside the company or outside the relationship.
With Jive’s Externally Accessible Groups, you can collaborate not only with internal staff, but with external contributors, too.