Launch great online communities that people love. Companies worldwide are using Jive-x to better engage and serve millions of customers and partners – with breathtaking results.

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Jive-x Customer, Marketing and Partner Communities

Jive-x is an out-of-the-box external community application that lets you connect, communicate and collaborate with customers and partners – providing best-in-class experiences that drive brand affinity and repeat business. Unlike Q&A forum software, Jive-x fosters deep engagement, authentic dialogue and lasting loyalty. It's quick and cost-effective via the cloud, and has helped our customers achieve some jaw-dropping results:

  • Increased customer satisfaction by 30%
  • Reduced content creation costs by 70%
  • Improved call deflection rates by 40%

    Jive-x Customers

    Around the world and in every industry, leading brands are using Jive-x communities to better engage and support customers and partners while slashing costs.

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    Brand Affinity, Better Service, Lower Costs

    Jive-x leverages rich content, conversation and collaboration to drive brand mindshare, unprecedented satisfaction and share of voice in the marketplace. It accelerates growth while saving you a boatload of money. With point-and-click customization and SaaS deployment, it's surprisingly simple to create and launch compelling communities. You don't need any web development expertise, and upgrades are automatic with Jive-x in the cloud.

    • Drive New and Repeat Business

      Great experiences and authentic conversations foster deep relationships and lasting loyalty. All content, including user posts, is automatically optimized for search engines, ensuring that your community is the go-to source for answers and information. Sophisticated analytics and seamless integration with marketing automation systems make a good thing even better.

      Our customers have seen community members spend 240% more.*

    • Increase Customer Satisfaction

      Who said immediate gratification is a bad thing? Jive-x lets your prospects, customers and partners find answers to their questions fast, access a rich array of content from blogs to videos, and share their knowledge and enthusiasm. Jive-x communities have the consumer-style simplicity that users adore, whatever device they’re using and wherever they happen to be.

      Our customers have increased satisfaction by 30% or more.*

    • Reduce Operating and Support Costs

      Jive-x answers questions before users even think of picking up the phone, which frees your support staff to focus on high-priority cases. It makes your teams more efficient, and saves on support costs. Ditto for operating costs, thanks to easy administration, cloud deployment and seamless upgrades that require no IT resources.

      Our customers have cut content creation costs by 70%.*

    * Verified results from Jive customers.
    • Customer Support

      Jive-x communities give customers a place to get answers and have real conversations – and give you a way to provide better service at lower cost. Customers have improved call deflection by 40% or more while increasing satisfaction 30% or more.

    • Marketing Engagement

      Build loyalty, brand differentiation and sales with a social customer experience. Jive-x customer communities take engagement to new heights, turning prospects into customers and customers into advocates.

    • Partner Enablement

      Jive-x provides an all-in-one hub for partner support, content, conversations and your entire ecosystem. Cut partner onboarding and support time with a partner community that drives mindshare and revenue.

    Accelerate Time to Market

    Point-and-click customization and SaaS deployment make it a cinch to launch a captivating community in record time. No web development experience is needed, and upgrades are automatic with Jive-x in the cloud, so you always have the latest, greatest features.

    Leverage Our Expertise

    We’ve been at this longer than anyone. For over a decade, we’ve been helping companies plan, design, launch and manage some of the world’s most successful online communities. We can do the same for you.

    Communities for Every Need

    Whether your goal is world-class online support, brand-building, innovation, virtual events or education, Jive-x lets you quickly deliver a user experience that wins hearts and minds.

    Drive New and Repeat Business

    More Ways to Engage

    It goes way beyond knowledge base documents and forums. From stunning videos and media-rich blogs to shared files, public and private groups, interactive discussions and live events, Jive-x is the most powerful environment ever designed for community engagement.


    Never miss a great idea and avoid the perception that customer feedback goes into a black hole. Jive-x ideation makes it easy to capture, share and discuss the best and brightest ideas in your community.

    Integrated with the Social Web

    Jive-x lets you manage all your online conversations in one convenient location. Surface community content in Facebook and other web resources. Automatically display Facebook fan page content and Twitter activity in your community and let resident experts respond. The responses get posted back to wherever they originated: Facebook, Twitter, you name it. All environments stay in sync and customers everywhere get the answers they need.

    Point-and-Click Analytics

    Your online community may be the richest source of customer intelligence you’ll ever have. And Jive lets you mine it, with ready-made reports that reveal critical sentiments, behaviors and motivations. Identify your fans, stay ahead of trends and optimize your community for engagement and loyalty.

    Increase Customer Satisfaction

    Mobile First

    Keep everyone engaged, 24×7. With a great mobile web experience, Jive-x lets customers and partners participate in your community wherever they happen to be. Responsive web design ensures they get the right information in the right format, regardless of device.

    Advanced Gamification

    Jive-x comes with the industry’s most advanced gamification right out of the box. Drive desired behaviors with badges and tailored missions. Amp up enthusiasm with points that users can redeem in your rewards store. Grant special privileges to nurture fans and product champions.

    Built-in SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

    All content including user posts is automatically optimized for search engines, ensuring that your community is the go-to source for answers, information and conversation. And watch your reach broaden as community content grows, pulling in more customers and buyers through organic search.

    Reduce Operating and Support Costs

    Integration with CRM and Marketing Systems

    With out-of-the-box CRM integration, you can automatically or manually escalate customer issues to cases. And customers can easily view the status of their cases in the community. Integration with marketing automation systems lets you drive relevant communication and interaction to end users. The outcome? Satisfied, loyal customers.

    Easy Moderation

    Role-based administration and advanced moderation give you all the control you need. Permission and profile settings, configurable phrase monitoring and spam detection let you be the gatekeeper, with minimal impact on users.

    Accelerate Time to Market

    Flexible, Scalable Deployment Options

    With Jive-x in the cloud you benefit from of our constant innovation with seamless updates and minimal downtime. We also offer hosted or on-premise deployment to meet the specific needs of customers.

    Pre-Configured Templates for Easy Deployment

    Want to start a VIP support group for a top-tier customer? Or a collaborative space for partner enablement? Just pick from our list of pre-built templates, or quickly design one of your own to create a group that’s perfect for the job.

    Leverage Our Expertise

    Take advantage of the most experienced professional services team in the business. For over a decade, we've helped organizations of every size build and grow market-leading communities. Our services include:

    • *Strategy consulting
    • *Technical consulting
    • *Training
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    Get a Demo

    See for yourself how Jive-x communities can help you better engage your customers and partners, improving service, sales, brand loyalty and more. Fill out the demo request form and we'll get back to you within 24 hours or the next business day.

    Jive-x is quick and cost-effective via the cloud, and has helped hundreds of companies around the world achieve game-changing business results:

    • Increased customer satisfaction by 30%
    • Reduced content creation costs by 70%
    • Improved call deflection rates by 40%