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Interactive Intranet and Customer Community Reports & Resources

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Discover Jive’s detailed, easy-to-read metrics and reports for community managers, business leaders and individual users.
Jive Intranet Analytics: Data-Driven Insight at Every Level of Your Business
How are intranets changing to address the collaborative needs of the digital workplace? Join CIOs and tech executives as they discuss the interactive future of intranets in this virtual event…
Argyle Webcast: The End of the SharePoint Intranet Era
On Demand Webcast
Why are so many employees disengaged and execs disconnected – and what can corporate communications do to help?
Solving Disconnected Teams Through Collaboration
How is social software evolving? And what vendors are leading the way? Aragon Research reports on the changing nature of enterprise social networks (ESNs).
The Aragon Research Globe™ for Social Software, 2016: Shifting to Work and Outcomes
Analyst Report
Listen in as industry analyst Dion Hinchcliffe speaks on best practices that organizations can employ to make the enterprise social network the hub of the new digital workplace.
Enterprise Social Networks: The Foundation of the Digital Workplace
On Demand Webcast
For Pearson’s 40,000-strong workforce, a Jive-powered interactive intranet has become the hub and the heart of company culture.
Pearson: Creating a People-Centric Intranet
A Jive Interactive Intranet has helped Starwood solve a multitude of problems, improving everything from enterprise search to corporate communications and mobile collaboration.
Starwood Hotels: From Enterprise Search to Mobile Productivity, One Intranet Solves Myriad Challenges
HR, IT and Corp Comms all feel the pain of fragmentation – of people, information and systems. Learn how an interactive intranet can make your departments – and your company…
From Fragmentation to Connection: How IT, Corp Comms and HR Can Unite Their Companies with Interactive Intranets
By giving its 1,500 sales associates one place to find content, to communicate and collaborate from any device, Humana has turned a dispersed sales force into a high-powered team.
Humana: Creating a High-Performance Sales Culture With a Jive-Powered Portal
Learn how Jive’s Interactive Intranet aligns companies by delivering engaging communications that employees can’t miss – and igniting company-wide dialogue that gets everybody on board.
Solve Your Biggest Corporate Communications Challenges With an Interactive Intranet
A Jive Interactive Intranet is helping Starwood Hotels & Resorts’ IT department cut costs and reduce its workload while delighting users with better collaboration and communication.
Starwood Hotels & Resorts: Why a Jive Interactive Intranet is Great for IT
In April 2016, Starwood Hotels & Resorts rolled out Jive to its 250,000 employees. Three months later, the interactive intranet has already had a big impact on collaboration and engagement.
Starwood Hotels & Resorts: Jive Interactive Intranet Is a Win for IT and Employees
When shopping for an intranet solution, the lowest price tag doesn’t always equal the lowest cost. You need to evaluate the total cost of ownership. This whitepaper will tell you…
Pay Now or Pay More Later: Comparing the Costs of Interactive Intranets Vs. General-Purpose Collaboration Platforms
This interactive PDF guides you through what digital transformation is, the imperative to transform and how people are the missing link in digital transformation. It highlights the people-centric elements of…
People – the missing ingredient for digital transformation
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