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Clinicians struggle with many obstacles to coordinating and delivering value-based patient care. Learn how to overcome those obstacles and simplify clinicians’ lives in this resource kit.
Simplify Healthcare Communication with HIPAA Compliant Healthcare Collaboration
Resource Kit
In an era when skilled workers have lots of options, engagement is the key to attracting and retaining top talent. Download this collection of resources and learn how a Jive…
Employee Engagement & Onboarding HR Portal Software
Resource Kit
Download this resource kit and learn how organizations like yours united their workforce – and their technology landscape – with a secure, interactive intranet.
Interactive Intranet Collaboration Software
Resource Kit
Companies that embrace transparency break down silos, reduce redundancies and create a happier workforce. See how Jive helps Yahoo! work transparently.
The Workstyle Movement – Episode 3: Working Transparently
Businesses who use freelancers gain flexibility, scalability and an amazing network of talent. Learn how to keep freelancers engaged and invested.
The Workstyle Movement – Episode 2: The Freelance Nation
Companies attract the best talent when they embrace remote workers. See how Jive helps remote team members bring their full potential to the table.
The Workstyle Movement Episode – 1: Remote, not Removed
The leading international bank unleashed a new level of cross-company and cross-border collaboration when it replaced its static intranet with Jive-n, helping employees stay connected 24 x 7.
Standard Chartered Bank Modernizes Global Communication and Collaboration with Jive-n
Case Study
Gain a clear competitive edge by adding “pull” to your traditional “push” marketing strategy. Learn how online engagement communities drive brand loyalty, advocacy and innovation.
Customer Engagement: Affinity Marketing for Prospects & Partners
Resource Kit
HR is no longer simply tasked with staffing, payroll and benefits. Learn how today’s HR can enable richer work experiences and bring people together, while reducing burdensome administrative activities.
Jive is Human Resources at Global Brands
Resource Kit
In 2015, leaders found out they couldn’t fake culture, which means it will be a top priority in company ecosystems in the coming year.
2015 Year in Review and a Look Ahead
Learn the 5 elements of working out loud and how to activate them within your organization.
The 5 Elements of Working Out Loud
While ESN’s enable people to work more transparently and collaboratively, the behavior doesn’t always happen spontaneously. Why not?
Working Out Loud: Tapping Into Employees Intrinsic Motivation to Make Work Better
On Demand Webcast
Learn how Jive’s solution is helping address the nation’s nursing faculty and nursing workforce shortage.
Innovative Educators Panel: Connected Nursing
On Demand Webcast
Learn how companies are increasing employee satisfaction and effectiveness with modern communication and collaboration technology.
Happiness is More Tools
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