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Analyst Report

Gartner Report: Digital Workplace Architecture

Checklist to Align Technical Architecture With Digital Workplace Goals – Gartner Research

The world of work is changing. Technological innovation is coming from all directions, and no organization with a disparate, uncoordinated collection of digital technologies can hope to keep up.

If application leaders are to realize the promise of digital business and the digital workplace, they must take control of the architecture that underpins it. And we believe that means applying a clear framework that aligns your business, people and technology in pursuit of workforce digital dexterity. 

This report from Gartner Research provides a checklist to help ensure that your architectural efforts match desired digital workplace outcomes.

Recommendations include:

  • Ensure a purposeful digital workplace architecture by working with business leaders to create business outcome statements, capability models and roadmaps.
  • Foster employee engagement and digital dexterity by revamping acquisition and development practices.
  • Establish a technical foundation by focusing on ensuring synergy, context awareness and intelligence.

Download the report:

Gartner Checklist to Align Technical Architecture With Digital Workplace Goals, Jim Murphy, Stephen Emmott, Jack Santos, 29 December 2017.