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Analyst Report

Chief Digital Officer: Leading Innovation and Digital Transformation

What is the Role of the Chief Digital Officer in a Saturated C-Suite?

“If you’re not a digital native and yet the biggest issue for your company is digital transformation, then step down and let someone else who has that experience do it for you.”
– Philippa Snare, EMEA Global Business Marketing Director, Facebook

The digital revolution hasn’t only changed the tools, processes and channels organizations use, it has fundamentally changed the way they do business and interact with their customers. Rather than using an isolated digital strategy to stay ahead of the rapid changes within the market, a need has risen for digital leaders–the kind of leader who can take on the responsibility to ensure a digital mind-set is engrained across all levels of the organization.

And so the Chief Digital Officer role was born. But where does the Chief Digital Officer (CDO) fit within a perhaps already saturated C-suite?

In this Market Report from The CX Network (an online resource for customer experience professionals), you’ll learn how the role of the Chief Digital Officer isn’t just about adding a new digital discipline to the exec team; it’s one of fundamental change.

Authored by digital and customer experience leaders from Facebook, Travelex, SpecSavers, Time Out, Ministry of Justice, Zurich Insurance Group, and Jive Software.