Gartner: Digital Transformation in Healthcare

Gartner: A Healthcare Providers’ Perspective on Digital Business Transformation

Digital transformation is great in theory, but does your organization have all the pieces you need to succeed? Read Gartner’s “Digital Business Transformation: A Healthcare Provider’s Perspective” and find out.

Sure, digital transformation sounds great in theory, but is your organization ready to turn vision into reality? Maybe not, according to recent research from Gartner. Gartner found that many healthcare delivery organizations have big capabilities gaps – gaps that can slow or even doom digital business initiatives.

Don’t let that happen to you. Gartner’s report, Digital Business Transformation: A Healthcare Provider’s Perspective will help you identify and address key requirements to accelerate your digital roadmap and help ensure success. Get complimentary access to the report in our latest newsletter, Digital Transformation in Healthcare. Along with the Gartner report, you’ll find a variety of other helpful resources describing how leading healthcare providers are meeting the digital challenge and improving collaboration, internal communications, knowledge sharing, IT support, and more.

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