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Gartner Research: The Future of Work.

Gartner Report: How We Will Work in 2028

Forward-looking companies take note: there’s a massive shift underway in how people work. Change is coming fast, and whether you’re in IT, Corp Comms or HR, you need to be thinking – and planning –ahead.

What’s in store for the workplace of the future? In this Gartner Report, “How We Will Work in 2028,” you’ll learn about the forces reshaping work as we know it, including:

  • “We Working” – a work philosophy that depends on autonomous, dynamically formed teams.
  • The orchestration of brainpower and expertise across organizational boundaries and borders.
  • The growth of nonroutine work and need for continuous learning and improvement of digital skills.
  • The rise of the remote workforce.

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Gartner How We Will Work in 2028, De’Onn Griffin, Mark Coleman, 27 February 2018.