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Analyst Report

Gartner: Successful Digital Workplace Programs

Global Digital Workplace Programs Exemplify Promise and Progress Worthy of Emulating – Gartner Research

The digital workplace concept is great in theory, but how does it work in the real world? What are the ingredients of a winning strategy? What lessons can you take from companies who’ve tried and succeeded?

Gartner spoke with workplace leaders from varying geographies and industries, and summarizes their experience in this report. Find out how companies like yours are using digital workplace programs to boost individual performance, exploit digital literacy and nurture a collaborative culture that leads to improved employee engagement.

The report includes key recommendations, including:

  • Highlight the advantages of taking this journey by connecting the organization’s specific business priorities to advance digital workplace objectives.
  • Build a cross-functional digital workplace committee by including representatives from business leadership, IT, facilities management and human resources as the core team.
  • Transform from a project-oriented approach to a digital workplace program by Measuring and improving on a continuous ongoing basis.
  • Operationalize the digital workplace program by developing a comprehensive strategic roadmap that is supported by a portfolio of services.

Download the Report:

Gartner Global Digital Workplace Programs Exemplify Promise and Progress Worthy of Emulating, Gavin Tay, Achint Aggarwal, 20 September 2017.