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Analyst Report

Gartner Report: Digital Workplace Services That Deliver Real Business Value

Introducing the Digital Workplace Strategic IT Services Portfolio – Gartner Research

Successful digital workplace programs can be used as tools in the fight for talent, as catalysts for effective collaboration and innovation, and as indispensable pillars of a transformational digital business strategy.

These worthy ambitions, however, are difficult to translate into a practical digital workplace program. In this report, Gartner outlines five digital workplace services that connect specific capabilities to key business outcomes.

Recommendations include:

  •  Identify key digital workplace services and integrate them into the overall IT services portfolio with relevant business value statements to communicate purpose and value to strategic stakeholders.
  • Work with the service management and infrastructure teams to redefine existing workplace, communication, collaboration and managed desktop services with a more-integrated and innovative digital workplace perspective.
  • Manage digital workplace IT services like a portfolio in order to maintain business alignment.
  • Track digital workplace performance with service-specific metrics.
  • Use digital workplace services to guide architecture and operations choices, including roadmap planning and service catalogs.

Download the report:

Gartner: Introducing the Digital Workplace Strategic IT Services Portfolio, Nikos Drakos, Simon Mingay, 14 June 2017.