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Analyst Report

Gartner Report: Achieving Digital Workplace Maturity

A Maturity Framework to Advance Digital Workplace Programs – Gartner Research

Digital workplace programs are everywhere these days, but not all deliver tangible, measurable value. Digital workplace initiatives are often executed as a series of technology rollouts, which neither foster employee engagement nor introduce a consumerized work environment.

Don’t fall into that trap. Gartner’s maturity framework can be used to align your business, people and technology in pursuit of workforce digital dexterity. This Gartner report provides essential guidance on how your application leaders can advance digital dexterity. Recommendations include:

  • Do not treat individual digital workplace initiatives as one large, technology-led project, by instead developing a digital workplace program and an implementation strategy that meets the specific and varied needs of their organization.
  • Avoid fixating on the need for rapid advancement to the next level of maturity by ensuring that there are measurable, qualitative and quantifiable returns to the business at the current level.
  • Take steps to iteratively improve current practices and advance to the next level of maturity by first obtaining a baseline of current digital workplace maturity at each level across the organization and its individual business units.

Download the report:

Gartner: A Maturity Framework to Advance Digital Workplace Programs, Gavin Tay, Achint Aggarwal, 22 February 2018.