Cox Automotive Unites 24 Acquisitions with Jive Interactive Intranet

Interactive Intranet Solves Fragmentation for Global Automotive Business

How an interactive intranet helped Cox unite two dozen brands, 30,000 people and 200 worldwide locations into one cohesive organization.

In 2014 Cox Enterprises formed the subsidiary Cox Automotive, consolidating the many automotive businesses it had acquired over the years. There were two dozen brands in all, employing tens of thousands of people in over 200 global locations, and Cox needed a way to forge a common culture and close working relationships among them.

The solution was a Jive Interactive Intranet, providing a single community where all Cox Automotive employees connect, learn, get to know each other and work together. “Jive has modernized our communication and collaboration capabilities,” says Cox VP of Technology Mark Satterfield. “We’re moving from ‘I am Auto Trader,’ and ‘I am Kelley Blue Book,’ and ‘I am Manheim,’ to ‘I am Cox Automotive.’ It’s a huge leap to have 30,000 team members connecting globally and effortlessly.”