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Industry: Telco
  • 7.5% jump in employee productivity
  • 100s of new product ideas generated
  • 75% adoption

Jive-n Social Intranet

Alcatel-Lucent: Social Intranet Bridges Continents and Cultures

A Virtual Workplace

How does a major telecommunications company fresh from a transcontinental merger link disparate cultures and break down organizational walls in short order? For Alcatel-Lucent, the answer was Jive-n. Alcatel-Lucent’s social intranet, known as Engage, is a virtual workplace where tens of thousands of employees share information, tackle projects together, and stay in touch with coworkers and activities across the company.

“Engage has became the place where the majority of the company gets together to work and discuss our business,” says Haran Sold, Senior Vice President and Managing Director of Business Operations. In fact, a recent study by a top-three global business consultancy found that employee productivity at Alcatel-Lucent has risen 7.5% thanks to the Jive-powered intranet.

It has really transformed the way we work. In the past we had things like SharePoint... now everyone is on Jive-n.
Thomas Kallstenius
Director, Customer Business Transformation