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Industry: Services
  • 80% adoption
  • 12% increase in revenue
  • 150 fewer help desk calls per week

Jive-n Social Intranet

Bluegreen Vacations: Better Teamwork and More Sales with a Jive-n Social Intranet

Widely Dispersed But Working Together

Bluegreen Vacations’ Retail Marketing team consists of over 600 associates selling vacation packages in roughly 90 different locations across the nation. They’re widely dispersed and often work solo, but they’re one of the most unified groups in the company. That’s because they’re together 24/7 in a social intranet called “Circles3 | Colleagues Connecting & Collaborating,” powered by Jive-n in the cloud.

Revenues Up, Costs Down

Circles enables formerly isolated salespeople to function as one team – sharing knowledge, learning from each other and providing encouragement and motivation that’s improved performance, efficiency and morale. Sales associates feel more connected, happier and more productive. Revenues have jumped 12%. And because people get fast answers to their questions via Circles, calls to Bluegreen’s employee help desk have been slashed, saving time and money.

"Knowing that you have a community behind you is really powerful. The connections Jive-n allows us to make – helping us get to know each other when we felt so disconnected before – really makes this a special environment."
Jessica de la Torre
Marketing and Internal Community Manager for Retail Marketing
Bluegreen Vacations