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Industry: Services
  • Faster, better pitches win more business
  • Better re-use of existing materials
  • Rapid onboarding
  • Remote employees more engaged

Jive-n Social Intranet

Critical Mass: Marketing Collaboration Thrives in Social Intranet

We have had pitches that have gone out the door on time, faster than usual, with over 100 employees participating. It’s been epic how wonderful it’s worked for our remote employees.
Alyssa Rosengarden
Application Support Manager
Critical Mass

Giving Everyone A Voice

Life at a marketing agency is intensely collaborative, with all sorts of staff and contractors participating on client pitches, campaigns and other projects. “The more people that you can put into that conversation, the better the outcome,” says Alyssa Rosengarden of Critical Mass. It used to be hard to get everybody on the same page, but not anymore. Thanks to a Jive-n social intranet, the company is able to harness its entire stable of talent for better, faster results. The impacts include more successful pitches, lower costs, a big reduction in email and a new sense of connection among Critical Mass’s global offices and many remote employees. “It’s been epic,” says Rosengarden.



We've been living Jive internally now for almost 4 years. It's been a wild ride of successes.
Doug MacKay
Director of Information Systems
Critical Mass