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Industries: Services, Technology
  • 33% better win rate
  • 30% decrease in deal cycle time
  • €4-8M increase in sales/yr

Jive-n Sales Hub

Devoteam: Faster Sales, More Wins with Jive-n

Selling More While Spending Less

Faced with an increasingly complicated and costly selling cycle, international IT consultancy Devoteam gave its sales process an end-to-end overhaul. By moving all deal management functions to Jive, the company created a unified, streamlined flow where sales teams can rapidly sync up and collaborate on everything from pre-sales qualification to closing. The impacts have been dramatic, leading to significant cost savings and increased revenues.

"By every measure, we’ve become a much more effective organization. It’s a real transformation, and we couldn’t have done it without Jive."
Nicolas Morlière
Bid Manager