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Industry: Technology
  • Across-the-board productivity gains
  • Improved sales enablement
  • More than 70% adoption
  • Rapid access to content & expertise

Jive Collaboration Hub

Hitachi Data Systems: Jive Provides a Global Competitive Advantage

Working Smarter and Faster

Hitachi Data Systems competes on a global playing field, often against much bigger companies. To be successful, it has to work faster and smarter. That’s where Jive comes in, enabling sales, services, engineering and other teams to stay informed, share expertise and work together without delays or disconnects. The use cases have multiplied, and today Hitachi’s Jive collaboration hub is used by more than 70% of the company. It’s made the company a leaner, nimbler, more customer-centric organization.

As a Senior Vice President of IT, the thing I love most about Jive is this is the first system in my over 20 years of experience that I never had to force a user to use. We provided it to our user base and they came and said, "This is what we've been looking for."
John Abel
Senior VP of IT
Hitachi Data Systems