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Industry: Services
  • Replaced siloed SharePoint sites
  • Greater employee connection
  • Better sales enablement
  • Cut employee support costs

Jive-n Social Intranet

MarketStar: Creating a Dynamic, Cohesive Company Culture with a Jive-n Social Intranet

From Many Teams to One

MarketStar’s 3,500 full-time employees are widely dispersed, with many dedicated to specific client brands and working remotely. While employees have always been very close to the brands they represent, MarketStar lacked a cohesive culture of its own. That all changed when the company replaced its traditional static intranet and SharePoint sites with a Jive-n social intranet, moving from fragmentation and silos to unity and from many teams to one.

"Jive-n is how we stay connected. You can see dialogue going on here all the time. It’s really brought us together."
Adam Gunn
Director of Marketing

Needle-Moving Results

MarketStar’s Jive-n-powered social intranet, known as “Connect,” has had a dramatic impact on the company:

  • Employees feel much better connected to each other and the company.
  • Corporate and executive communications have more reach and impact.
  • Collaboration and knowledge sharing have jumped.
  • Employee self-service has reduced the burden on IT, HR and other departments.
  • Sales enablement is much more effective.
  • Meetings are down sharply.
  • Anytime, anywhere access via Jive mobile support.