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Industry: Non-profit Organizations
  • Replaced SharePoint with social intranet
  • Leap in productivity & agility
  • Faster proposal development
  • Improved partner collaboration

Jive-n Social Intranet

Pact: Improving Lives Around the World with a Jive-n Social Intranet

"When we replaced SharePoint with Jive-n, we got not just an intranet but a social intranet, and it took off like wildfire. It's become the heart and soul of our organization, making us more open and collaborative."
Sara Teitelman
Director of Knowledge Management

Uniting a Dispersed Workforce

Pact is a global non-profit with thousands of employees and partner organizations around the world. Communication and collaboration were disjointed and inefficient, but that all changed when Pact replaced SharePoint with a dynamic social intranet powered by Jive-n. Jive-n provides an all-in-one hub for employee and partner collaboration, communication and strategic alignment.

Across-the-Board Impacts

The impacts have been dramatic: better productivity, faster proposal development, improved engagement and nothing short of a cultural transformation: “We went from a situation where we felt like dozens of separate organizations to feeling like a single team.”