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Industry: Education
  • 40% savings on support costs
  • Rapid adoption: 75,000 registered users
  • Greater sense of belonging and social connection

Jive-x Customer Support Community

Penn Foster: Jive-x Student Community Builds Bonds, Cuts Costs

Happier Students, Big Savings

As an online educational institution, Penn Foster needed a way for remote students to connect socially, get to know one another and kindle the kind of community spirit that physical campuses provide. Penn Foster also needed a more efficient way to provide information and answers to students. The cost of traditional phone and email support had risen to $7.75 per transaction, with an average of 687,000 transactions per year.

The solution to all of the above was a Jive-x online community. It’s become the center of social connection and informal learning for more than 70,000 students. It’s also become a remarkably effective self-service hub, enabling students to find information resources and answer each other’s questions without having to make a phone call or send an email. As a result, interaction costs have dropped by 40% to $5.49, a major saving for the institution.

"We wanted a platform that would allow students to connect with each other, as well as faculty and staff. By allowing students to self-service on our Jive-x community, we were able to reduce our service costs and in-bound email by nearly 40%."
Erin Connors
Director of Creative and Community Design
Penn Foster