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Industry: Energy
  • Replaced 12 systems with Jive-x
  • One-stop shop for customer support and partner enablement
  • Self-service reduces support caseload
  • Crowdsourced innovation

Jive-x Customer and Partner Community

Schneider Electric: Jive-x Community Drives Better Customer Service, Partner Enablement and Sales

Streamlining Sales and Service

“We had a multitude of external systems for different types of content and engagement,” says Todd Moran, Director of Social Enterprise at Schneider Electric. “We were able to move all of those functions into one Jive-x community.” The community, named “exchange,” serves as a single destination for customer support, partner enablement, product ideation, online education, events execution and developer engagement.

“It has really simplified and accelerated our work with partners,” Moran explains. “It’s allowing those folks to sell in-country in an incredibly effective manner because they’re all connected inside the community.”

Events, education, support, ideation, learning: all that happens directly inside the community. So it’s really a one-stop shop for everything that we do on the outside.”
Todd Moran
Director of Social Enterprise
Schneider Electric

Rapid Success and ROI

Exchange went live in August 2013 and has been a “tremendous success,” according to Moran. “Adoption took off immediately and beat all our goals. People are thrilled at the ease of access to all kinds of information, the ability to share ideas, solve problems and get answers.”