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Industry: Energy
  • Slashed TCO, replacing 25 systems
  • Exceeded adoption goals
  • Major improvements in employee connection and productivity

Jive-n Collaboration Hub

Schneider Electric: From Marketing to HR, IT and Sales, Everything Runs Better With Jive-n

New Efficiencies, Energized Collaboration

“It was a shattered, siloed landscape,” says Todd Moran, Director of Social Enterprise for Schneider Electric, recalling the pre-Jive era at the company. “Internally we had 25 separate systems of record for collaboration, knowledge sharing, connection and expertise management.”

No longer. Schneider replaced all of those tools with Jive-n in the cloud. Today Jive-n is the center of collaboration and communications for Schneider, supporting myriad use cases in nearly every business function, including marketing, product development, human resources, IT, sales and professional services. It’s saved big money by consolidating systems and reducing TCO, and it’s made life simpler and more productive for everyone.

"Jive products touch almost all aspects of our business, from HR to project execution to product development and ideation, all the way out to sales enablement... It has radically shifted how we approach work every day."
Todd Moran
Director of Social Enterprise
Schneider Electric

Giving Employees the Tools to Succeed

Schneider’s Fuse community – powered by Jive-n – gives employees access to all the people, information, communications and content they need to do their jobs. It’s all there, just a click away.

“Nine months after our launch, our president told me he could barely imagine life without Jive. That says a lot about what it does for our company.”
Todd Moran
Director of Social Enterprise
Schneider Electric