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Industry: Telco
  • 30% increase in customer satisfaction
  • 40% improvement in call deflection
  • >1 Million unique visitors/month

Jive-x Customer Support Community

T-Mobile: Jive-x Support Community Serves Millions of Customers and Saves Millions of Dollars

Huge Leaps in Satisfaction and Loyalty

When it abandoned customer service contracts in 2013, T-Mobile doubled down on customer service. With no more termination fees, the only thing keeping customers from moving to another carrier would be satisfaction and loyalty. That meant providing an online service and support experience that’s second to none, made possible by T-Mobile’s Jive-x-powered customer community. Jive-x replaced multiple web platforms and provides one place to go for everything – from knowledge base articles to documents, how-to videos and user discussions.

It’s all designed to provide rapid, accurate answers to customer questions and solve their issues fast. The community was a hit right out of the gate, with massive adoption and game-changing impacts on satisfaction, call deflection and support quality. Today it’s a key to T-Mobile’s customer-centric strategy and overall competitiveness.

"Jive is mission-critical for us. It's the foundation of everything we do."
Krissy Espindola
Director of Knowledge Management and Social Customer Support