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Industries: Financial Services, Media
  • 100% adoption
  • Big jump in collaboration
  • 30% reduction in travel costs
  • Replaced multiple legacy intranets

Jive-n Interactive Intranet

Thomson Reuters: One Company, United by Jive-n

Intranet is “The Hub” of Company Culture

Even as Thomson Reuters grows, its employees are more connected than ever. That’s thanks to an interactive intranet that replaced dozens of legacy systems and provides a single place for all of the company’s 60,000-plus staff members to gather, share and work together. Thomson Reuters calls its Jive-n-powered intranet “The Hub” for good reason: it’s a cornerstone of company culture and a key driver of many business processes.

Jive-n made a huge impact on the way we work together… It's our central platform for everybody to communicate and collaborate.
Tim Wike
VP Communications Platforms
Thomson Reuters

Moving to Jive Cloud Makes Good Thing Even Better

The Hub was already a big hit when Thomson Reuters decided to move its Jive-hosted instance to the cloud in 2015. That brought a wealth of additional benefits, including new functionality, better performance, automatic upgrades and streamlined management.