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Industry: Services
  • Private community for 18,000 CEOs
  • Deep collaboration & problem-solving
  • Company communication hub

Jive-x Customer Community

Vistage International: Connecting the World's Business Leaders with Jive-x

Online Collaboration and Problem-Solving

Vistage is the world’s leading chief executive organization, bringing together more than 18,000 CEOs worldwide to network, share insights and benefit from each other’s experiences. When members aren’t meeting in person, they’re gathering in Vistage’s Jive-x community, where Jive’s private groups and collaborative features let them consult confidentially in small, tight-knit teams. The community has proven so effective, it’s become the central hub of communication and collaboration for all of Vistage.

"Jive is the glue that holds us together. It's allowed our business to be more productive and our membership to maximize the value of their Vistage experience."
Brian Cassaza
Vistage International