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Community Roundtable: Defining Community Management Roles

The Community Roundtable, in partnership with Jive Software, offers this e-book as a practical guide for community professionals, hiring managers, and HR teams.

  • Understand distinctions in community management roles. The Community Manager Salary Survey 2014 research collected data for three common community roles – and the years of experience, salary and skills required for each.
  • Meet real life community professionals. Three community professionals share what they do in their jobs and offer advice based on their experience.
  • Prepare job descriptions. Use the research data to determine what qualifications are necessary for different community roles, and the responsibilities and main priorities of each.
  • Explore resources that advance community management skills. Whether you’re looking to build your own skills or are a manager looking to increase your team’s skills, the research highlights the top resources professionals use to network and build their capabilities.

Make sure to head to the Appendix of the e-book, where the Community Roundtable takes a closer look into how Jive customers who participated in the survey compare to other survey-takers. For example, professionals in the Jive customer segment were significantly more likely to have access to professional development resources to improve their skills than the survey average.