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The Future of Intranets and Enterprise Social Networks

Why Businesses Need an Interactive Intranet

Today, too many companies suffer from traditional intranets that are deserted landscapes of unconnected resources, one-way communication and little, if any, collaboration. Across the spectrum, other companies are dealing with the chaotic collaboration that enterprise social networks unleash.

It’s time to combine the best of both of these technologies—and leave behind the worst—into a single interactive intranet, one that can empower your workforce to connect, communicate and collaborate to deliver real business value.

This e-book, written by Larry Hawes, Principal Analyst at Dow Brook Advisory Services, will help you determine what can be done to update your organization’s intranet to make it an interactive one, or implement an interactive intranet for the very first time. Learn:

  • How intranets have evolved over time and why they’re no longer delivering value in today’s workplace
  • The three key interactions of an interactive intranet, and how they deliver more value than traditional intranets and ESNs
  • The benefits and business value of an interactive intranet to both IT and business stakeholders

Make your intranet truly interactive: Discover how with this e-book.