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How Innovative Companies Use Jive to Achieve Digital Transformation

Engaging Your People in Digital Transformation: How Jive Makes This Possible

According to Cap Gemini, 67% of executives believe that digital transformation is a matter of survival for their business. And it’s no wonder: digital disrupters are everywhere (just look at what Amazon has done to retail – and now cloud IT services). And it’s not just major disrupters that organizations have to fear, it’s also disruptors in their own field: tech-savvy companies who are creating significant differentiation

The message is simple: disrupt or be disrupted. In this ebook, you’ll learn that digital transformation isn’t just about deploying the latest technologies. It’s about creating a digital culture – a company that’s innovative both in its use of technology and with its people who embrace change and seize opportunities. It’s a company that embraces new channels, processes, experiences and insights.

Discover the key ingredients of digital transformation and the role Jive can play in the success of your company.