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How a Jive Intranet Bridges the Cultural Divide During Mergers & Acquisitions

Studies on corporate mergers and acquisitions show a staggering 70% – 90% fail to deliver on expectations and shareholder value – and that five of the top ten reasons for failure were associated with people and cultural integration. Lack of communication, collaboration and buy-in will all have a detrimental effect on the success of two organisations merging together. Ultimately, this will lead to distraction and loss of talent.

Jive enables you to address the ‘people’ and ‘social’ elements that are key to a successful merger. Our collaboration hub can help you share your merged strategy, build a unified culture, enable highly productive collaboration and communicate change.

This e-book outlines the main ‘People Factors’ that impact the success of a merger or acquisition, plus our thoughts and solutions on how to address them.