Jive for Government

Jive delivers a people-centric communication and collaboration platform for mission success.

For the people. By the people.

Jive’s highly secure communication and collaboration platform fundamentally improves the way people interact and work. Fluid collaboration, consolidated information and access to diverse expertise enhance both the quality and the timeliness of agency work, while driving new efficiencies and substantial cost savings. This transformation is bringing profound changes to the government sector, just as it has in the private sector.

Jive-n Employee Communities

Give employees the social collaboration they're asking for, and be confident that it meets your security standards. Jive’s communication and collaboration environment leverages social interactions to engage employees in business conversations, idea sharing and collaboration that drive better business outcomes.

Jive's federal clients find subject matter experts faster, capture intellectual property and collaborate across multiple agencies with far less duplicated effort.

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Jive-x External Communities

Get closer to citizens using an online community platform that's quick and cost-effective. Jive-x helps foster effective citizen participation and real-time feedback. It’s a tectonic shift in how you engage constituents.

Jive's federal clients engage citizens more genuinely, capture and respond to their feedback in real time, and innovate new ways to better serve constituents.

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