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Jive-x Online Communities by the Numbers

Jive-x customers, in the last month alone, have seen more than 1 million pieces of content created and contributed in their communities.

How do you know a restaurant is a good one? The reviews, the location, the kind of food they serve…? Sure, that all contributes. But in the end, a good restaurant is a busy restaurant. One with loyal customers who come back time and again. The same goes for communities. Good communities are busy communities—say, 255 million monthly engagements–busy, ranging from liking and sharing to contributing to saying, “Hey, this is really helpful!” “Five stars, I’ll come again!”

Busy communities are engaged communities. Places where customers and partners find value, driving business for you. Come join the millions. Learn how our customers use Jive-x to increase customer loyalty & satisfaction, enable partners, and drive sales.