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On Demand Webcast

Drive Sales Effectiveness with Social

Leading analysts say that today only 50% of reps reach their quota, and more information doesn’t necessary create better sales effectiveness. The most effective sellers assemble the right people for a deal, leverage best practices/processes learned over time, and gain access to the most relevant information, wherever they are.

In this webcast, Jarrett O’Brien of Jive Software will share best practices and a case study example from Toshiba on how successful sales organizations are onboarding new reps faster, enabling reps in executing new initiatives growing deal sizes, and driving more effective deal collaboration to shorten sales cycles. You will learn how leading companies use social tools to:

  • Increase sales per rep by 13%
  • Increase win rates by 12%
  • Decrease sales cycle time by 22%

*Independently verified by a top 3 global consulting firm.