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On Demand Webcast

Driving Sales Effectiveness with Social

Toshiba America Business Solutions (TABS) is transforming multiple facets of its sales ecosystem – company reps, channel partners, and dealers – with a collaborative community called “eXCHANGE.” This strategic social initiative was launched to create revenue-generating, value-added programs and services, in parallel with continuing strong product sales.

TABS’s Terry Kristiansen, Ryan Battaglia, and Steven Bamberger will share the organizational imperatives behind the initiative, its goals, strategic projects, results, and more.

Listen to learn how Toshiba uses social business software to:

  • Facilitate sales on-boarding – revenue attainment has increased by 30%.
  • Drive organizational effectiveness – 13% less rep turnover.
  • Train and arm the sales channel (partners, dealers, subsidiaries, etc.) with virtual meetings and work groups – while saving hundreds of thousands of dollars.