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On Demand Webcast

Online Community Best Practices: Support & Brand Affinity

Tableau Provides Support while Driving Brand Affinity with Online Community

Stronger brand reach, increased engagement, six-figure savings in support costs, informed product roadmap and 77.8% community growth… but how?

Tableau’s online community was primarily built to improve support and reduce its caseload through peer-to-peer assistance. Soon after they launched, their community went even further, becoming a thriving ecosystem that turns customers into brand advocates.

In this webinar, Tracy Rodgers, Tableau’s Community Manager, shares best practices that will enable you to:

  • Achieve cost savings through support case deflection
  • Improve products by integrating customer feedback into your customer roadmap
  • Build your organization’s brand and cement customer retention and loyalty


Tracy Rodgers, Tableau Tracy Rodgers
Community Manager & Strategist
Gili Guri-Mill, Jive Gili Guri-Mill
Director of Product Marketing